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ISO 22000 Standards – Training & Audits

ISO 22000 Standards and Compliance Training and Audits

Issued in 2005 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), these standards were conceived in order to upgrade the outdated Codex Alimentarius document with a more developed management system, improved in time in accordance with standard ISO 9001.

ISO 22000 offers the components to guarantee food safety, such as HACCP methodology, along with others that assure a consistent and logical management system, continuous improvement included.

Standard ISO 22000 provides safety management, the same cyclical approach of improvement that Deming’s Circle proposed for quality management and for the overview of any organization.
It was designed for any type of organization that is involved in food manufacturing, from the primary activities (animal and vegetable production) up to the manufacture of food packaging materials, additives and transportation.


  • Internal and Suppliers Audits.
  • Training for Implementation
  • Internal Auditors Training.
  • System Improvement Training
  • Food Safe Pro- Software for Food Safety electronic records.
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