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FSCC22000 – Training & Audits

FSCC22000 Certification Training, Auditing, and Planning

A certification scheme developed by the Food Safety Certification Foundation, which was founded in 2004 and is based in Holland, and has developed a certification system for the food industry based on the ISO 22000:2005 Standard and the documents created to elaborate on the good manufacturing prerequisites the activity requires. The first work document in created in conjunction with ISO 22000:2005 is PAS 220:2008.

PAS 220:2008, now included in a International Organization for Standardization standard (ISO/TS 22002-1), is a document that describes in detail the prerequisites that are necessary for producing safe food products. Some of the largest international companies of this field intervened in the development of this document, such as Danone, Kraft, Nestlé and Unilever, and it was sponsored by the European Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries (CIAA).

The main purpose of PAS 220 is to be used in association with ISO 22000 so as to better specify the prerequisites that in the latter are described in a general manner.

Pas 220 includes requirements on the following aspects:

a)    Construction and layout of the building and support services;
b)    Layout of premises and work-space, including employee facilities;
c)    Utilities – air, water, energy, among other services;
d)    Support services, including liquid and solid waste disposal;
e)    Equipment suitability, cleaning, maintenance and preventive maintenance;
f)    Management of purchased material;
g)    Measures for the prevention of cross contamination;
h)    Cleaning and sanitizing;
i)    Pest control;
j)    Personnel hygiene;
k)    Tractability and product recall procedures;
l)    Warehousing;
m)    Product information and consumer warning;
n)    Food defense, bio vigilance and bio-terrorism.

Services for FSSC 22000

  • Internal and Suppliers Audits
  • Training for Implementation
  • Internal Auditors Training
  • System Improvement Training
  • Food Safe Pro – Software for Food Safety electronic records.
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