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About AFSQ – American Food Safety & Quality Audit and Training

Our Focus

AFSQ (American Food & Safety – Audit and Training) ensures that our team is constantly in a state of readiness with the latest information including regulatory updates and technological advances.

We Communicate with our Client’s Language

We convey our thoughts and ideas to our clients in language common to both parties, correspondingly it is our commitment to clearly understand how the client communicates and speak with them using their own manner of business language.

Powerful tools for Improvement

We ensure that our team is constantly in a state of readiness with the latest information in regulatory updates and technological advances. This will be done through training courses, attending seminars with keynote expert speakers and staff resources with the necessary hands on experience. This will enable us to make successful contributions to our clients, providing powerful tools for improvement to their companies, throughout our training and audit processes.

Objectivity and Transparency

We build business relationships based in objectivity and transparency in every step of the way.
The audit design as well as the training design focuses on creating value. Nevertheless, evaluation will be done autonomously and objectively relating to the extent to which the respective standard or certification program is fulfilled.

Practical, not Theoretical

We strive to give to our customers’ practical and achievable solutions through knowledge innovation and creativity. The competence of our business professionals network, allow improvement of our services and the application of the latest technological developments in the field of management.

Acknowledged and Independent

We work every day to build prestige and acknowledgment, through the work methodology of permanent assessment in order to assure the fulfilment of training and auditing needs in an objective and independent manner.

We Create Value Transferring Knowledge

Our network operates on knowledge transference, focuses on the critical aspects of each client business. We look and focus in different areas of business and institutional activities, maximizing the value of our training and auditing.

Our Founder – Daniela Innamorato

Daniela Innamorato is the founder and director of AFSQ (American Food Safety & Quality – Audit and Training). She obtained her degree in Food Science from the National University in Entre Rios Argentina (UNER) and has received a post graduate degree in Quality Engineering at UTN University of Argentina.

She has received LSQA (Latu Sistemas and Quality Austria) certificates in “Risk, Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management” as well as “Food Safety, Quality and Environment Management System Auditor International Auditor.”

Mrs. Innamorato has worked with the following companies:

  • MANITOBA CATTLE ENHANCEMENT – Winnipeg– Canada ( Pre Project Food Safety Documentation )
  • NATARANG MINING – South Sumatra- Indonesia (ISO 14001- OSHAS 18001- Food Safety)
  • OROSUR MINING – Uruguay – (ISO 9001- ISO 14001- OSHAS 18001)
  • NOLIR + AZUCITRUS – Uruguay – Packing and Orange Juice companies FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY
  • GREEN FROZEN – Uruguay – Frozen Fruits and Vegetables . FOOD SAFETY and QUALITY
  • CERVECERIA Y MALTERIA PAYSANDÚ – Uruguay: (Malting and Brewing company). FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY
  • LSQA – ( Uruguay – Paraguay- Mexico-Argentina ) AUDITOR AND TRAINER

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